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Summer is Almost Here!

The school year is winding down, and the mood around the townhouse is definitely lighter. Summer brings endless possibilities for projects. I have been really slow in finishing painting the kitchen cabinets. I think I did something wrong with the first set of cabinets I painted because the paint isn’t drying as hard as I expected. I was under the impression that the paint would resist scratches, but the paint I put on so far scratches off if you bump it with your fingernails. I suspect that I should have primed it differently- either more sanding, or a different primer. So one of the first things on my to-do list is to straighten out the cabinets. Then I can go ahead and paint the rest of the kitchen. #diywoes

I have also been working on my second book. I published my first book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I really enjoyed the process. The only issue I have had is that I don’t know anything about marketing and I don’t have a very big social media presence. So I need to spend a little bit of time this summer doing some research into marketing. #selfpublishingproblems #justwanttodrinkcoffeeandwrite

But for now… I have to get through finals. Time is just crawling by, but I take a little joy in the fact that I can now count the remaining school days on my fingers alone- no need to call in my Aggie calculator by using my toes. (shameless Texas A&M Aggie joke)

Stay tuned for more….

#countingthedays #readyforsummer


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