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I Need More Eggnog in my Life

I went to the grocery store yesterday and was greeted by a glorious wall of Eggnog. It’s a Christmas miracle! Oddly enough, there was even singing. Apparently that particular store has a choir. I am pretty sure they all worked there.  Well okay, maybe not the baby being held by the guy dressed as a Shepherd. He looked pretty young. That would violate all kinds of labor laws, but I digress. The important takeaway from this rambling story is that there was Eggnog.


So now I have realized that I need more Eggnog in my life.  I bought an Eggnog scone mix from King Arthur Flour Company a few weeks ago. I do believe the time has come to try it. I am going to make them tomorrow. If I am organized enough, I may even remember to take pictures.

Today, I made bread. Again. I actually haven’the bought bread at the store in several years. I got tired of eating bread that was full of ingredients that I didn’t recognize or couldn’t pronounce. I couldn’t find a single loaf of bread at my local grocery store, or local at the time,  that didn’t contain soy or corn syrup. Soy? Seriously? Why do we need corn syrup or soy? People have been making bread for thousands of years and it wasn’t until recently that we started pumping our bread with chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

Today I made sourdough rolls using a recipe from King Arthur Flour and a super yummy French Bread recipe that I found in a Mother Earth News magazine. Did I remember to take a picture while making it? Of course not, but I do have a few pictures from the last time I made it. I also have a picture of the end result.



Notice the orange counter tops? I am pretty sure that are the original counters from the 60’s. The teddy bear I got for my niece to go with her Christmas present was supervising.


This is the finished product. It was a marathon day of cooking and baking. If I had any wine in my house, I would have kicked back with a slice of bread and a glass of wine. Fortunately,  I had something even better. Hooray for Eggnog!


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