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9 Days Until Christmas! Inconceivable!


How is this even possible? Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I don’t even have all of my presents bought or made. (Did you get the inconceivable reference in the title? Princess Bride?)

On a brighter note, I discovered Snapchat today. It has opened up a whole new world. While I was waiting to get off work, I turned myself into a water buffalo, a reindeer, a psycho-rabbit, a duck (several times) and a Hawaiian tourist- well okay, not a Hawaiian tourist, more like a tourist in Hawaii. It was amazing. It also took my mind off of the fact that I have so much to do before Christmas.

Of course, most everybody is getting something handmade. Three of my nephews and one of my brothers are getting quilts (2 Star Wars, 1 Walking Dead and one outdoor style). I am also planning on making quilted mug rugs for everyone on my list. They are super cute and only take a few minutes to make. I’m kind of over the whole store bought Christmas thing. I feel like we put too much pressure on ourselves to go out and buy prepackaged junk that nobody needs or really wants. I would much rather have something unique and handmade. I like the idea of baked goods, but they have to be eaten too quickly to avoid having them spoil, and let’s face it, I don’t need any more sugary baked things. I really like the idea of the jar mixes. Sometimes you see them in catalogs or store- you know the mason jars with all of the ingredients for cookies, and all you have to do is add water or some other liquid ingredient and then bake. Those are really cool.

I saw a book in the Mother Earth News magazine that was a cookbook for meals in jars. I had to order it of course. It’s really cool. It has all kinds of neat non-sugary meals where all you do is add water and heat. There is even a recipe for a breakfast casserole that uses powdered eggs. I like the idea of meals in jars using dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients. That would make really good gifts, and they are good to have on hand for emergencies. Here on the Texas Gulf Coast, hurricanes are always a possibility.  am far enough inland that I am not in an evacuation zone, but during a hurricane, it is still common to have the power go out for a day or 2 or 3 weeks. Those kinds of meals would be perfect.

I think I am going to make it a New Year’s resolution to put together several meals in jars to have in my emergency supplies.

Anyway, I guess I need to get with the program as far as Christmas is concerned. I have my tree, so I am headed in the right direction. Now I just need to get sewing.




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