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Quilting and Baking Weekend

Christmas is taking over the townhouse. I had planned to get a Christmas tree this weekend, but the weather forecasters were all telling us that we were going to be having a cold wet weekend. So I picked up a tree on Thursday evening instead so that I wouldn’t have to transport a tree in the rain. I was glad I did because the weather forecasters were actually right. (I was shocked. That doesn’t happen very often). So with the tree already taken care of (pictures coming soon), I decided to spend my weekend doing other holiday type things, like quilting and baking.

My couch is a nice neutral gray color, so I decided to dress my living room up a little bit. I looked at the store for holiday throw pillows, but I didn’t really want to spend very much on pillows, and the cheap ones weren’t very pretty. Plus, living in a townhouse, storage is an issue. If I buy pillows for every occasion, I am going to run out of closet space. Then I had a brilliant idea… There are fleece throw blankets on sale pretty much everywhere. So I bought one of those instead. Then I cup it in half and made slip covers for the pillows that I already have (but hardly ever use). The puppies were more than happy to test the pillows.


That took all of 15 minutes. So then, I decided that I should make a quilt. The fabric stores are loaded with Christmas material right now- most of it on sale- so, finding material wasn’t much of a challenge. Keeping myself from buying all of the Christmas material is the real challenge. The quilt I decided to make had a cute little snowman and it matched perfectly with this really cool sparkly blue snowflake material.





The problem I have with quilts is that I usually have a hard time keeping them. They make such good gifts! I decided to put this one on my Etsy site. I must admit though that I had a hard time not snuggling up with it on the couch.

With the weather as cold as it was, I decided to bake some bread as well, but I am going to save that for the next post.


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